KF94 Face Mask V4

January 12, 2021

DIY/make a Korean KF94 face mask with a nose wire (free pattern) | 立体口罩制作带鼻梁条 | 鼻 ワイヤーマスクの作り方

Many people have requested for a version with a nose wire, and here it comes! I updated the steps to attach a nose wire before turning the fabrics to the right side so that it will stick to the place.

I made many masks for my families, friends, and professors. Nothing is better than their smiles. In this difficult time, I hope my slightest contribution can help us get through it together.

The instructions are as below:

Step 1. Preparation

Download and print the patterns (at the top right corner on this page). Put them on the fabrics and roughly cut the main fabric, lining fabric, and interfacing.

Iron interfacing to the lining fabric.

Draw the pattern on the fabrics.

Cut the fabrics.

Step 2. sew main and lining fabric

Put the right sides of A&C to B for both main & lining fabric.

Sew the two sides for both main & lining fabric.

Slightly cut the seam allowance to allow for easy-folding later on.

You can also trim the seam allowance if it is too thick.

Step 3. elastic bands

Prepare two elastic bands: 17 -20 cm.

Place one elastic band to each side of the main fabric.

Sew the elastic bands to the main fabric.

Step 4. Combine main and lining fabric

Put the right sides of main & lining fabric facing each other.

Sew the outside with an opening at C’s bottom.

Slightly cut the seam allowance. Be careful to avoid the elastic bands.

Step 5. nose wire

Prepare the nose wire. I bought them at Daiso (gift wrapping). These types all look good.

Fold the wire in half and place it in the middle of A’s top seam allowance.

Sew the nose wire to the seam allowance.

Step 6. top stitches

Turn the inside out from the opening. Use tools to turn the corners.

Mark the position of the nose wire.

Sew top stitches on the outside with wider space for the nose wire.

Iron the mask.

Mark the folding lines.

Sew the two side lines.

Sew the folding lines.

We are done!