UX Case Study
Identity and Access Management
Keywords: Identity and Access Management, cloud console, SaaS platform, cross-functional team collaboration, design leadership, UX case study
My Role at VMware

Cloud Service Platform

In my role at VMware (by Broadcom), I specialize in enhancing B2B experiences for our enterprise clients. Over nearly three years within the Cloud Service Platform (CSP), I have advanced to the position of a design lead, overseeing a team of three designers. My primary focus revolves around optimizing Identity and Access Management (IAM) and refining the console experience.Within IAM, my responsibilities encompass the Enterprise Management Hierarchy, federation, OAuth Apps, user and group management, and role assignments. On the console management front, I am deeply involved in shaping the information architecture, global header, service catalog, 'What’s New' feature, binary downloads, notification system, and the console catering to internal personas. Notably, our console supports 244 services, engaging with 8,136 active customer organizations and facilitating a total daily login count of 51,670, as of 2023.


In addition to crafting design proposals, my role as the design lead in the IAM-Console domain involves collaborating with Product Managers to establish quarterly priorities for the team, aligning with our team OKRs and overarching business goals. I take charge of task assignments for team members and provide mentorship to ensure their alignment with the objectives of the cross-functional team. Serving as the CSP representative, I actively foster communication and collaboration with other teams, further enhancing our collective efforts toward achieving shared objectives.

Comments from the cross-functional team

I am truly honored to have received positive feedback from several colleagues. It is gratifying to know that my contributions and efforts are recognized and valued by the members of our team.
Case Study
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