Gas Canister Cover 1

November 8, 2021

DIY/Handmade Leather Protective Cover for Gas Canister Cylinder Tank Camping Tutorial手作真皮植鞣革气罐保护套ガスボンベレザーカバーの作り方

Recently I am so obsessed with camping. It’s time to make more designs for our camping line :P I made this genuine leather cover for the gas canister - very pretty and premium looking for your outdoor photos. My friends all like it! And of course, our bunny loves it!

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00:00 Intro
00:26 Cut and prepare the materials
01:34 Apply coatings
03:02 Punch holes
05:14 Install button studs
05:47 Stamp the logo
08:02 Enjoy a coffee time with the new cover
Feel free to download my patterns at the button on the top.
Camera: Sony ZV-1 + Leica Q